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Perfect Smells on a Spring Night

Good enough is perfection.  Or is perfection good enough?  I often pursue perfection. And I am just as often disappointed.  Is there a correlation?  I believe in trying hard.  Sometimes, I believe in trying hard more than the thing I am trying to do.  Is trying hard a pursuit of perfection?  If so, it is […]

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Singers with Names Beginning with J

Ever noticed that most singers with names that begin with “J” are guys?  Josh, Joe, John, Joseph.  Of all the ones in the little grouping here, only Johnette is a girl.  I learned about Johnette many years ago, but always knew her name as “the girl from Concrete Blond.”  It wasn’t until my amazing friend […]

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Change Control

Back in the old days, change control was about predictability.  Control the change and the thing is predictable.  No control meant chaos.  Careers were dedicated to change control.  Degrees were awarded and certifications sold.  To many, the term buzzed.  No need to understand the underlying value of predictability when a more senior position was available.  […]

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I got an A-

Mean Girls You’re a hoe. Yeah that’s right I said it. You’re a hoe. I know I’m being mean. So what if I’m mean, I’ve got to be! Being mean is the only way to survive the life of a teenage girl. I can’t help that I use that as my defense mechanism and neither […]

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We celebrate ends.  Holidays, completions, funerals, fiscal years, careers.  Its end of our year.  We will celebrate a few things.  Christmas is at the end of the year.  So are many of my professional deadlines (though there are just as many every day).  Its good to get to the end for the celebration.  So often, […]

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Time Tradeoffs

How long should it take to finish something?  Is completion based on difficulty?  Skills?  Time spent?  Time enjoyed?  Perhaps all.  Time enjoyed certainly trumps the rest.  Time enjoyed is fun.  Otherwise its work.  I’ve been working on a project for nearly two and one-half months.  In the fall, in the mid-atlantic where it rains on […]

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15 minutes – that’s all most of us get.  But my boss has had hours, if not more.  He is a good and difficult guy.  He was hard to like, but once liked, I can’t stop.  He’s famous. He retired the other day.  I was able to speak about my experiences with him.  Here’s my […]

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Why this site exists

In 1996, few people had web sites, much less knew what they were.  For most, a web site was a corner in the garage where bugs got stuck.  My brother and I thought we needed web sites so we could make the fonts blink and use rainbow colored lines.  I can’t remember what his first […]

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Outcrop Acres

Expect the expected.

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