Change Control

Back in the old days, change control was about predictability.  Control the change and the thing is predictable.  No control meant chaos.  Careers were dedicated to change control.  Degrees were awarded and certifications sold.  To many, the term buzzed.  No need to understand the underlying value of predictability when a more senior position was available.  So we had change control and chaos.

Seems control is circular, then.  Get more control, gain more predictability.  More control, more predictable.  Still more control crosses over to the extreme of chaos.  No control.  So,  more control equals no control.  Now I’m thinking more like my industry.

So let it go?  Many so suggest and more passionately desire.  Dare I try?  Loose control?  Is less predictable better?  Maybe predictability is circular.  Let go and chaos turns to order.  Hmmm . . .

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