Why this site exists

In 1996, few people had web sites, much less knew what they were.  For most, a web site was a corner in the garage where bugs got stuck.  My brother and I thought we needed web sites so we could make the fonts blink and use rainbow colored lines.  I can’t remember what his first site did, but I can remember mine.

First MenumapI’m in the IT business.  So I thought I would make a site that pointed out how great my brand of IT is.  It was called ControlZ and was located on my ISP’s web server.  I started the tag line to be something about all the good things IT can do for you.  It read, “ControlZ Does All.”  I was trying to impress on the one or two visitors I expected that we could do anything.  That’s what I say when I can’t really think of what I can do.  As that latter thought went through my mind, I decided I needed to point out how limited I am.  How I elaborate on the obvious and how I really don’t contribute to the body of knowledge, but how I simply elaborate on its existance.

That became the theme of the site.  Put pictures of things about me and my family, what we do, the cars we drive, where we live, and photos of stuff.  It kind of became a mindless content, meaningless to the casual observer.  But for me, it gave me a virtual scrapbook of events, stitched together in green and white.

The site has been through three major revisions.  The first site was a grey site with a Menu Map, just to prove it could be done.  The next site used the same background (it was a tasteful grey background), but had sort of a hierachical layout.  It took on its current form in 2001, October to be exact.

GreenBorderSiteToday, the site has been in place, as is, with its green boarder and alternating picture/text format for eight years.  It moved from my ISP host to a real host with my real domain names.  Since then, we’ve seen the advent of myspace, facebook, text messaging (in earnest), twitter, podcasts, and blogs.  Come to think of it, my site contained the essense of a blog, but without the ease or the ability for people to respond or comment.

So now, dear loyalists of Outcrop Acres, you have a place to comment and I have another place to ramble.  Apparently, a blog is really a one.five way communication channel.  One=I get to start all the ramble topics and .five=you get to respond to those topics, ramble or not.  So have at it.  Help me use my quota of disk space.  Please, though restrict your ramblings to the obvious.


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