Time Tradeoffs

How long should it take to finish something?  Is completion based on difficulty?  Skills?  Time spent?  Time enjoyed?  Perhaps all.  Time enjoyed certainly trumps the rest.  Time enjoyed is fun.  Otherwise its work.  I’ve been working on a project for nearly two and one-half months.  In the fall, in the mid-atlantic where it rains on weekends.  There are lots of other projects to work on during the fall.  Mowing the fields.  Bush-hogging the paradise trees and other woody weeds.  Grinding up lawn leaves while actually finish mowing the grass one last time.  Building shelves for the garage.  Winterizing the house.  Planning my new man-loft.  Driving around looking at buildings.  Planning my machine shed.  Watching football (no – nevermind).

A WallWall building takes a long time.   It needs a foundation – easy.  It needs to be level – harder.  It needs materials – expensive.  It needs special tools – expensive and of little use on anything else.  It needs to be fit together – nearly and essentially impossible.  It needs to be pretty – easy, kind of automatic when using natural materials.  The last one is the reason I keep working on it.  Because when its done, it will be a small monument to easy, hard, expensive, and nearly impossible work.

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